Carlin is now live! – Ali Parker

Carlin is now live!

CARLIN is now live! Come and see how Jeremiah's love story ends. It's time for him to replace the hole in his heart that Piper left behind.

Check out a few early reviews...

“Jeremiah, oh my sweet, sweet Jeremiah. It broke my heart when we had to leave him behind after his month at the Casanova Club. And learning that he wasn’t Piper's one true love has left me pining to learn what it would take for him to find his one. Carlin is something very special.  I loved every minute of watching this pair fall for each other. ”

“I absolutely love this book and can't wait to read the next book in this amazing series. Ali Parker definitely knows how to keep her reader's attention and I definitely recommend you read this book and others by her and you will definitely not be disappointed.”

“Ali Parker has kept each book in this series fresh and intriguing which kept me turning the pages in this book! Great characters and plot kept my attention until the very last page! This series is an absolute must read!”

“Jeremiah and Carlin will touch your hearts with their journey towards finding happiness. I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it!”

“The author does a great job moving their story fluidly with her detailed writing and had me glued to the pages while reading their emotional journey. I loved and would recommend this book.”