Business Love Series – Ali Parker

The Business of Love Series

Talk Dirty to Me

Book 1

A woman in the business of love that’s never been in a real relationship.

Check. That’s me. Nessa Night. 

Now I know what you’re thinking. That sounds like a stripper name. 

Hold up. Let me explain.

It’s my radio talk-show name. My incognito way of helping the world love deeper and more often. 

Though my love life is like a ten-year-old fall leaf trapped between the pages of an old journal. #dramatic

I’m short. Curvy. Average at best. 

And I’m a fraud. 

For all the advice I give on the air, I have zero experience to back it up. I’m eternally single. Forever alone.

And the only man I’ve ever caught feelings for is one of my callers: Mr No Name.

Much to my surprise, he’s not unknown at all.

The grandson of the great Jack Daniels is my caller, and worse? He’s my brother’s best friend from high school. 

Only one way to right these increasingly awkward wrongs. 

High school reunion time. He wants in, and I want a date who looks like him. 

The only thing off is his advice about love. It’s from Nessa night. Me!

And if he swoons over her (me!) one more time, I’ll have to give in and tell him. 

Besides, I’m in the business of love. 

If I don’t got this, who does? *Gulp*


Book 2

I’ve never walked down the aisle, but I get paid to stand beside it.

Why I’m a wedding planner is beyond me.

Oh yeah. I love the pretty dresses, the food, the glamour and glitz.

Getting dressed up and owning the night, though I always go home alone.

It’s a weird setup. 

Being in business is all I’ve ever wanted, and yet the one I chose depresses me beyond belief.

Either way, I’m damn good at my job. 

Nothing comes between me and putting on bridezilla’s day to remember.

Except when it doesn’t work out.

Like it didn’t for my super hunky, wealthy, hot as sin, beautiful, sculpted (I’m going overboard aren’t I?) client.

And he's a single father to boot. 

And a good one!

Well, he was engaged to a monster.

This woman would eat all other bride-beasts for breakfast and still be ready to melt down a city with her “lovely” personality.

The poor man doesn’t seem to realize what he’s getting himself into.

And we're falling for each other. So much more than we should. It's all terribly wrong.

I could lose my business thanks to the media getting wind of our inappropriate love affair that exists really only in my head.

Let the thought go and give up on love for good, or go after the one man I want in my life, my future, my bed?

Ugh. I’m all tied up either way.


Book 3

Can’t find love? Good. I’m your guy.

I mean, not your guy per se, but the guy to find you the love of your life.

I’m the best damn matchmaker there ever was.

Except when it comes to my own life.

Why bother? I’m too busy setting up other couples and enjoying success anyway.

I’ve been hooking people up since I was a teenager. Great at it then, and getting paid for it now.

Part of the issue in my own world is, well, me.

If I’m being honest, there’s no one that fits the bill except my best friend.

As much as I want her wearing my ring and waking up in my shirts, I’m not interested in ruining the best relationship in my life.

Until I do.

One hot night together left us both dazed and confused.

New York is calling me to come live my dream and make it even bigger than I already have.

But there’s no way I’m living life without my girl. Little does she know, that one night meant everything to me.

And I get my way, but she’s carrying a secret.

One that might leave us both running for the covers.


Book 4

Want the most romantic honeymoon experience you can get? I’m your gal.

Unfortunately, it isn’t by experience that I know these things.

Love doesn’t come easily to an overworked type-A planner who manages romance at the most luxurious resort in the Virgin Islands.

I have far too many boxes to check to be checking out anything but forms, schedules, and rose petals.

God, the rose petals in this place.

For the longest time, my career has been my ultimate dream and completely filled me up.

Love was for others who needed a partner in life to get by but not me.

I got this on my own.

Until a class-A hottie shows up and knocks me off my feet—literally.

He’s visiting the island trying to figure out what he’s running from or to. 

Take a number, mister. We all are.

As great as he is, I can’t have kids and I’m honestly unsure of how he might feel about that.

First comes love, then marriage, and then babies in the baby carriage.

Perhaps I’ll just stick to what I know best—creating romance for others.

As much as I thought I knew about forevers, I was completely wrong.

This crazy little thing called love has called my bluff.


Book 5

How in the world can someone tell a million romance tales and not have love? 

For real? If you’re honestly wondering, ask me. I’d know. 

I’ve got bestselling romance novelist behind my name, but the world only knows me as W. Parker. 

It’s been fun to keep them guessing whether I’m a woman or a man. 

I’m pretty private beyond that because why give up the ruse? They’d laugh if they looked at my own love life. 

Besides, no good ever came from the entire world knowing someone’s dirty laundry. 

But then like in chapter twenty in a good book, it happens. 

She walks up while I’m deep in thought and bam! 

It was a dimly lit bar and a rainy night. As soon as I laid eyes on her, a muse formed in my mind and I had to talk to her. 

I had to know her. 

What? I’m a romance writer. Cut me some slack! 

Little did I know, though I should have, she rocked my world in ways I couldn’t create on paper or otherwise. 

She’d been with a lot of Mr. Wrongs, but maybe, just maybe, it was time for her to find Mr. Write.


Book 6

Talented. Successful. Wealthy.

That’s me, and I look damn good in a three-piece suit or in nothing at all.

Nudity is my jam.

I’m an artist and my favorite inspiration is the female figure. Curvy. Beautiful. Lush.

My life is perfect. Fast cars. Big luxurious home.

And we’re opening more galleries across the country.

The only thing I don’t have is inconsequential: love.

Then a beautiful curvy woman shows up on my gallery floor and her wise ways and sexy sway make me think differently.

Maybe the life I have isn’t what I want after all.

I thought I knew what living was, but after her, I’m not so sure.

She’s challenging. Fickle. Flighty.

She wants to travel abroad and she never saw a man like me fitting into her life. Poor thing doesn’t know what she’s missing.

She’s mine. Period. Now I just need to be subtle, cool, collected.

And she needs to read between the lines.


Book 7

Fixing love is my business, but having love? Not a chance.

Being a relationship counselor gives me very little hope that if these people can’t figure it out, I sure as heck can’t.

So instead of working on my own love life, I help conflicted lovers, lost lovers, and crazy ex-lovers find love again.

But finding love is like digging a see-through needle out of a haystack.

And there’s a hiccup I’ve not run across before though.

And my number one rule is about to be destroyed. I can just sense it.

No dating clients. Period.

But my latest customer is a mystery. He refuses to turn on his webcam during our sessions.

He blames it on being famous. Something about him makes me want to know more. Lots more.

I get my chance when he sends me a message after one of our sessions to fly out and meet him in Nashville. I can’t say no.

The catch?

He didn’t send the message.

The silver lining?

Going might be just what fixes my own future for good.

Look out love… here I come.


Book 8

I’m an anti-Romeo. I remove love.

Everyone wants to tattoo their lover on their skin, but what happens when that love goes broke?

Me. I happen. I remove the memory one drop of ink at a time.

That’s why I’m not falling in love. Ain’t nobody pulling the wool over my eyes. F*ck that.

My time serving in the military opened my eyes to the real world.

Everybody leaves in one way or another.

No way in hell I’m hitching this wagon to one woman when I can enjoy as many as I please while making a fortune lasering ugly tattoos off of heartbroken singles.

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

I’m good until a pretty smile and great curves steal my thoughts.

She’s shaking everything up in my life.

She needs a date for an upcoming wedding and I need a fake fiancée to help my business image. We’re a match made in heaven.

The hope is that we get to “play house” in all the ways possible.

She just wants the short term, but I’m claiming her for good.

This is a stand-alone, ending in a HEA.


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