Breaking The Ice, last chance for fan pricing. – Ali Parker

Breaking The Ice, last chance for fan pricing.

This is your last chance, before Breaking The Ice leaves fan pricing.

Check out what's being said about Breaking The Ice...

"An amazing story to start a series of college life at Pro-U!!! Great characters that overcome serious issues to become the happy people they deserve to be. Ali and Weston Parker will capture your heart mind and soul within this page turning story."​

"I was pulled in to their story, the connection, the friendships and even their friends have me wanting more from all of them. It's a great read that has a great flow, amazing characters and I cannot wait to read more from this series."

"Like I have mentioned before Weston Parker's books are excellent, no doubt about that.
But, when you add Ali Parker to the mix?! They are perfection, and something out of this world.

This story is sensual, funny, captivating, with the perfect amount of college drama, a page turner that pull you right in from the very beginning until the very end."