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Chapter 1 of Slow & Steady!

CHAPTER ONE SONNY The radio in the squad car crackled, a burst of static ringing out into the silence of the cab. Our dispatcher’s disembodied voice followed the static. “Attention all units. Disturbance


Chapter 1 of Mine Would Be You!

Chapter 1 Mason After a long day of work on the farm, I was more than ready for a beer. Or two, or three. We’d see where the night went. I had to be back at work early again the following morning, but


Chapter 1 of My Father’s Best Friend… Wide Release!

Chapter 1 Lanie   “Deep breath, and exhale as you transition into cat-cow.” The yoga teacher’s smooth voice wafted across the room, and I closed my eyes, losing myself in the gentle piano music.


Chapter 1 of Down & Dirty 3 Enjoy!

Chapter 1 Jeremy The numbers in front of me blurred. Rubbing my eyes, I tried to refocus but it was useless. Every time I closed my eyes, even for a blink, I saw Marie’s face flash behind my eyelids. Arcadian


Hundred Reasons (Money For Love Series) Chapter 1

Release Date: TOMORROW! Chapter 1 Declan My hands gripped the steering wheel while Samson rambled on beside me. He was talking a mile a minute about some girl he’d spent the night with. I tried to pay


Chapter 1 of Wild as the Wind!

Chapter 1 Ted “This is ridiculous, you know that, right?” I threw a bale of hay over the fence with so much aggression it hit the ground on the edge and bounced a few more feet into the field. “What’s