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Read Chapter 1 of His Many Demands

Prologue Bethany Damn: 110. She needed a 70 to make the dean’s list for her senior-level marketing class, but she’d pulled out a 110. A smile touched Bethany’s lips, her eyes darting


Read Chapter 1 of My Last Love Affair

Chapter One Grayson I shifted in the executive chair at the head of the table and forced myself to pay attention to what the man on my left, a few chairs down, was saying. I adjusted the bright-blue tie


Read Chapter 1 of Take A Chance On Me!

Prologue Tiffany One Year Ago    I shouldn’t have been marrying a guy like the one across from me, but I couldn’t help myself. I’d been in love with him too long, and maybe I’d a shot at changing


Read Chapter 1 of Fall For Me Again

Chapter One Dallas I’d been staring at my computer screen for too long. The letters of the email I drafted were all beginning to merge together, creating fuzzy little shapes that made my eyes feel like


Read Chapter 1 of My Holiday Reunion

Chapter One Callum The black graduation caps twirled up in the air above my graduating classmates’ heads, spinning end over end, the gold tassels whipping around before sticking up like a tail as the


Read Chapter 1 of Outracing Demons

Chapter One Mason The car was nicer than I’d expected. Way nicer. My brother Rick had called me that Saturday morning to tell me he’d found something he wanted me to see. After asking him some prying