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Read Chapter 1 of Our Twisted Love Affair

Chapter One Jack I strolled through the lobby of Bancroft Estates, nodding and smiling to the many employees milling about the ground floor of the high-rise building of the company headquarters. I rode


Read Chapter 1 Here for Asking For A Friend!

CHAPTER ONE LAYTON The ground was frozen beneath my feet, crunching under the soles of my shoes as I walked onto the construction site. It was freezing out and we had at least another couple of months


Read Chapter 1 of His Many Desires

  Chapter 1 Matt “Remind me again why I said I would do this? It seems rather masochistic now that we’re in the thick of things.” I glanced over at Sophie and smiled as she plucked


Read Chapter 1 Here for Joshua #2 in Casanova Club

Chapter One Joshua December, 2018   “What’s her name?” I looked up at my father. He had his back to me where I sat on the burgundy leather sofa in the living room. I could see the end of his


Read Chapter 1 of His Many Rules!

Release Day: January 15th Chapter 1 Kendal I’d never seen Damon look so dejected, so fidgety, so lost. “What can we do to fix this?” I leaned back in my chair and let my hands drop into


Read Chapter 1 of The Casanova Club!

Prologue Jackson June 2018   Eleven men. All billionaires. All looking for the one thing that money can’t buy. Love. Each of them milled around in front of me in the Casanova Club conference room

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