Billionaire Biker’s Secret Baby! Sneak Peek – Ali Parker

Billionaire Biker’s Secret Baby! Sneak Peek

Coming July 17th!


I hear a noise, suddenly familiar, and train my eyes on the street. A car shambles into the lot, and my heart stops in my chest. I know that car, would know it anywhere. Just like I know the pair of shapely legs that appear at the opened door.

My holy fuck. Sabrina Jacobs, here and now.

She climbs up the three short steps and heads in the door, rushing toward the counter. “Hey, Mabel,” she says to the woman through the window into the kitchen. “Thanks for the rush order. I realized that I have nothing to fix for lunch.”

I study her. She’s as perfect today as she’d been in high school if not more beautiful now. Her golden hair is swept up into an unruly ponytail, accentuating her youthful face. Those big blue eyes nearly gut me, and I’m afraid of having them turned in my direction again, almost more than I long for it.

Her body is as trim as it’s always been, those curves still hitting all the right places. Sabrina has never been overly voluptuous, but she’s been “just right,” in the parlance of the fairytale bears. A little Goldilocks that this hungry bear would love to find in his bed.

I’d show her how “just right” feels. All night long.

“No sweat, Brina, honey.” Mabel comes around the corner, carrying a stack of Styrofoam containers. “Here you go. That will be $10.50.”

“Thanks, Mabel,” she says, pulling out a few bills and setting them down. “Syrup in here?”

“You know it.”

I realize then that Sabrina is about to leave. I should let her go about her business, let her leave. Whenever Sabrina had come up in my thoughts during the five long years I’d honed my plot for revenge, I’d always told myself that I’d keep her out of things.

I wouldn’t even let her know that I was back in town. I’d do the terrible things I’d planned to do and go, likely heading back to my cell at Tabor Correctional.

But seeing her now, I know I can’t do that. It’s like some strange compulsion inside me, forcing me to stand up and approach her, even as my mind screams at me to abort. I silently sidle up behind her and put my hands over her eyes.

“Bet you can’t guess who.”