Bancroft Brothers Box Set 3 – Ali Parker

A Bancroft Billionaire Brothers Box Set 3

5 Billionaire Romances for your reading pleasure...

Book 10- Our Tense Love Affair
I’m falling in love with the one woman that drives me crazy.
And not in a good way. She just won’t quit.
My goal is to tear down an old theater and make a pretty penny on it.
But the main actress, who the whole damn town loves, graces the world with her presence there.
If I didn’t want her so freaking badly, I’d demolish the old place with my bare hands.
Funnily enough, I think our one hot night was a ploy to get me to back off.
Us Bancrofts take what we want without apology.
It’s part of our billionaire blood. It’s the way we play the game.
I will win.
The building has to go, and the girl? Well, she has to stay.

Book 11- My Taboo Love Affair
My rich father paid off my mother to never tell us who we belonged to.
And now my uncle from that family wants to reunite the family.
Not a chance. Besides, I’ve got my own shit to focus on.
Like my best friend’s little sister. She’s completely off limits.
But there’s something that sparked between us a long, long time ago.
Going behind my best friend’s back sucks, but it’s the only way to be with my girl.
With all of the drama swirling around the lucky sperm club I belong to, I only want one thing—for my taboo love affair to work out.
And it will. Because I’ll make it work.

Book 12- My Final Love Affair
Being a billionaire bad boy brings more trouble than it’s worth.
My business is my focus and helping vets is the gig.
It’s fulfilling and keeps me busy, but love decided to poke its nosy self into my life recently.
The pretty single mom at the bookstore down the way is way too much to ignore.
It’s terrible that I’ve already fallen head over heels for her little one too. Me. A guy that wasn’t sure about family, and now it’s all I can think about.
When her ex shows up from jail and crashes on her couch, it’s a bit more than our budding relationship can handle.
A few more misunderstandings, mostly me trying to be helpful, and it’s looking like bachelor life is the life for me.
But I can’t get her out of my head. She’s haunting my thoughts and taking up my daydreams.
I’ve had my share of love affairs, but it feels like this one might be my final one.
Whatever troubles may come, I’m all in.
Not like I have a choice…

Book 13- My Fake Fling
The world is concerned with my bachelor status more than my wealth.
Time to get a fake date to shut them up.
There’s no one better for the job than my ex-girlfriend.
I know everything about her, every curve, every sigh, every way to make her blush.
Even though we have a hard time getting along, the tension adds the right amount of heat in my life.
With that in place, I can focus on my next billion-dollar luxury project.
Until my father goes missing. No way in hell he would miss out on the opening of our next venture.
And it’s far worse than him skipping town for a bit of fun.
A ransom call sends us all in a panic, and my fake fling is the only person I want to cling to.

Book 14- My Feisty Fling
The last thing I need is a sexy distraction, yet here we are. Again.
My father has been kidnapped.
I’m the only one with the skills to bring him home, but my wicked hot ex shows up at the airport and is on my flight.
What are the odds?
She’s also a private detective working her own case.
But much to my surprise, she wants to work together.
Not a chance in hell.
She gives the good stuff, then takes it away.
No way this woman is destroying me again.
But she is my favorite sin.
Unfortunately, there’s no time for romance as we find ourselves in danger.
I have a life or death fight on my hands, but I never imagined the real battle would be for her.
My first love. My Feisty Fling.