Bancroft Brothers Box Set 2 – Ali Parker

A Bancroft Billionaire Brothers Box Set 2

5 Billionaire Romances for your reading pleasure...

Book 5- My Secret Love Affair
A three-week affair and he was gone, leaving me with a gift. A baby.
This big handsome billionaire had no desire to play his family’s inheritance games.
You can’t take the playboy out of a Bancroft.
After several years of him being gone, I forgave him.
He didn’t know about me and our baby.
But fate has a way of throwing lovers back in the arena again when the first time ended like fireworks drenched in rain.A terrible breakup sent me running to Bali for sunshine and freedom.
And wouldn’t you know it? My handsome bad boy was there too.

Book 6- Wicked Hot Love Affair
I’m usually the good guy, but with a hot nurse in the house, all bets are off.
Being the youngest of the Bancroft Billionaire Boys, you’d think I’d be the wildest.
But I got the responsible gene somehow.
And our mother is sick and needs help.
I’m up for the job. She’s my world.
The best thing I can do for her is to bring in an expert to help her get well fast.
Enter the hot nurse.
My mom confides in the beauty about some family news that is likely to rock my inheritance.
Unfortunately, I failed to include the part that it was to be kept secret.
The bomb she drops casually leaves both of us spinning, and my brothers? They reject her immediately.
Looks like I get to fight several battles but the top one being for my girl.
She’s worth it. Never have I ever had such a wicked hot love affair.
And I’m not giving up that easily.

Book 7- Second Chance Love Affair
Now isn’t the time for a beautiful single mom to steal my heart.
Especially not one that I’ve loved before.
I’m not that boy anymore, though. Life has been less than kind.
My father abandoning us and leaving me to be the man of the house at a young age started the chip growing on my shoulder.
I carved out my own path and earned the right to buy a portion of the firm I helped build.
It’s time to claim my success and focus on myself.
But then she shows up and my world turns around in circles. Just having her in the room leaves me wanting a softness in my life that feels foreign.
The problem is, we’re both afraid of something deep, but life has a way of bringing you to your knees. Sometimes love is the only thing that can bring you back alive.
I messed up the first chance with my girl. I’m not letting the second one go by without a fight.

Book 8- My Fake Love Affair
She needed a fake fiancé to shut up her ex-alphahole rockstar boyfriend.
I’m the guy she chose to point to as the new man.
Unfortunately, her lie caused a major media scandal.
Lucky for me, this woman is everything I’ve ever wanted in my life.
Smart. Beautiful. Funny.
And she’s got hustle like I’ve never seen.
This should work out perfectly for both of us.
I need a fake date to my brother’s wedding, and I’m doing her a favor, so quid pro quo.
We might start out as a fake love affair, but I want more.
I want everything she’s got to give.

Book 9- Bad Boy Love Affair
My new assistant is the type of girl to make the naughtiest parts of me wake up.
She’s supposed to be there to help me figure out this new casino I bought.
But instead, I’m ogling her every move and trying to figure out how to buy up all of her assets.
Success can take a back seat to the plans I have for this girl.
The pretty girl I’ve fallen for isn’t willing to give up on me though.
I might be a bad boy, but I’m hers.
She’s quickly learning that to love me is to walk through fire.
Let’s just hope she doesn’t get burned.