Bad Boy Holiday #6 – Christmas – Ali Parker

Bad Boy Bachelor Christmas

The Grinch ain’t got nothing on me. 

The only good and green thing about Christmas is the money it rakes in.

I’m not interested in carols, candies, or dealing with extra-Christmassy type people.

Until I hire one. A hot college student joins my design team.

She makes up for her annoying jovial spirit with her sexy curves.

And her willingness to give herself to me.

If only that was enough.

When it comes to business, she hasn’t got a clue.

Or does she?

Clients love her and the Christmas spirit is practically a pillar of her personality.

Luckily, that spirit doesn’t keep her off the naughty list.

She knows how to be bad for me, and it’s so good.

What I didn’t expect was for her to help heal parts of me that have been broken for a long time.

Maybe Christmas won’t be so bad this year.

Maybe profit margins and growth don’t matter half as much as getting the girl.

Maybe it’s time to give up my bad boy bachelor status?

Or maybe not…