Bad Boy Holiday #4 – Summer – Ali Parker

Bad Boy Bachelor Summer

The lake might be cold, but this thing between us is white hot.

My best friend’s little sister. You know, the one that’s off limits.

And she has been since we were kids. But that ain’t saying I wasn’t looking.

She’s all grown up now and hotter than sin.

The lake house we all grew up at is located on a larger piece of property that I own now. And I’m looking to demolish the whole neighborhood.

To say my first love and my best friend will be upset is a mild understatement.

But business is business, right?

I start out that way, but the closer this beautiful girl gets to me, the more memories she brings with her.

A guy can only resist his teenage fantasy for so long before he takes the plunge.

It’s summertime, and I’m looking for a fling.

Funnily enough, I end up with forever.