Last chance to grab Bad Boy Bachelor Cupid for 99¢. – Ali Parker

Last chance to grab Bad Boy Bachelor Cupid for 99¢.

WOW, you're loving Bad Boy Bachelor Cupid! Thank you so much, we had the best time writing this one.

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Check out a few of my favorite Amazon reviews...

"Ali Parker and Weston Parker are setting my kindle on fire with Bad Boy Bachelor Cupid. They have created an amazing and realistic world of hardship and romance that easily mimics real life.”

"Sweet, steamy, full of redemption and acceptance. MCs who brought out the best in each other, real friendship building, complicated relationships, catty rivals that barely caused a ripple because the swoony romance was too strong. Undeniable chemistry, Kindle-melting smexy times, very little angst. Just a perfect Valentine's read.”

"Storm and Laila have a burning connection but also a difficult past. Storm is the sexy billionaire trying to gain the attention of the stunning Laila but she’s not having it. Laila makes storm prove to her that he’s worth her time. This was an incredible love story. This is an absolute must read.”