Bad Boy Holiday #1 – Bachelor Claus – Ali Parker

Bad Boy Bachelor Claus

They want me to pose as Santa this year.

And the media turns it quickly to "Naughty Santa."

Say what? You cannot be serious.

But it’s what I’m required to do if I want the billion-dollar family business come New Year's.

There’s always a catch.

The prize is just worth my efforts this time. Our sprawling chain of department stores are a cash cow like the world has never seen.

And it’s all mine.

New York’s hottest bachelor is on the hunt, dressed up as Mr. Claus and he’s looking for an elf that’ll hop off the shelf and entertain him.

Just my luck that she’s cute, spicy, and doesn’t put up with me. Thankfully she looks stunning in a tutu and elf shoes.

Too bad she hates my guts.

My playboy ways and smart-mouth remarks haven’t won me any favors with her over the last ten years and that’s not ever going to change.

Or is it? It is Christmas after all.

The world thinks I’m calling the shots, but they have no idea my little elf has me wrapped around her pointed little finger.