Bad Boy Holiday #3 – Bachelor Bunny – Ali Parker

Bad Boy Bachelor Bunny

Quickest way to a woman’s heart—chocolate.

Especially at Easter. My billionaire family is famous for being the best of the best chocolatiers in the world.

Now it’s time to up the game, but I drew the short stick.

Instead of enjoying my bachelor life of wine, women, and winning, I get to fly across the globe in search of the best fair trade cocoa that can be found.

And who’s my guide when I get there?

The hottest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. Soon she’ll be mine.

All women are. I’ve never NOT gotten what I wanted.

But something is different about this one.

She’s gritty, fierce, and ex-military.

Hot, hot, hot.

Her tourism company offers unique guided packages off the beaten path, which is exactly where I plan on going.

The fact that she isn’t putting up with an ounce of my shit is comical and quirky.

Makes me want her all the more.

Seems that money can’t buy everything and rabbits don’t lay eggs.

Either way, this bad boy bachelor bunny is after one thing—this girl’s honey.