Bad Boy Bachelor Box Set Cover Reveal – Ali Parker

Bad Boy Bachelor Box Set Cover Reveal

Three Bad Boy Bachelor Books in one box set for your reading pleasure...

Bad Boy Bachelor Cupid Book One

There are two loves in my life: money and women.

What can I say? I’m a simple man.

Unfortunately, my passions make it hard to behave, and the board of directors in my company is getting nervous.

America’s most eligible bachelor just bought the biggest lingerie fashion company in the country, Cupid’s Arrows.

The message from my advisors—don’t look at any of the models sideways.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Do they realize who I am?

But I behave—until the top model walks in the room.

She’s my personal challenge poured into an hourglass figure.

I’m hurting in all the best ways. Best part? She makes me second-guess everything I thought I knew about what I wanted in life.

All of a sudden, one night isn’t enough. Not with her.

It’s a hands-off situation though. My hands off her. And it’s not working.

It would seem that cupid has shot his arrow, and he used my heart for his practice round.

Bad Boy Bachelor Valentine Book Two

Any woman would be lucky to be mine.

At least the world feels that way. A billionaire supermodel with a room full of awards?

But I’m not interested in the gold-diggers.

I want someone that gets me fully. As if she exists.

A dating service seems silly, but it’s my last resort.

Unfortunately the woman of my dreams isn’t the one I’m being set up with on a month-long single’s cruise.

The girl that gets my blood pumping is the owner. And she’s off the menu.

A friendship starts that quickly moves into a passion that I’ve been after my whole life.

I don’t need to be set up on another tragic evening across from a beautiful face.

This bad boy bachelor has found what he’s looking for.

My bossy, naughty Valentine.

Bad Boy Bachelor Bunny Book Three

Quickest way to a woman’s heart—chocolate.

Especially at Easter. My billionaire family is famous for being the best of the best chocolatiers in the world.

Now it’s time to up the game, but I drew the short stick.

Instead of enjoying my bachelor life of wine, women, and winning, I get to fly across the globe in search of the best fair trade cocoa that can be found.

And who’s my guide when I get there?

The hottest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. Soon she’ll be mine.

All women are. I’ve never NOT gotten what I wanted.

But something is different about this one.

She’s gritty, fierce, and ex-military.

Hot, hot, hot.

Her tourism company offers unique guided packages off the beaten path, which is exactly where I plan on going.

The fact that she isn’t putting up with an ounce of my shit is comical and quirky.

Makes me want her all the more.

Seems that money can’t buy everything and rabbits don’t lay eggs.

Either way, this bad boy bachelor bunny is after one thing—this girl’s honey.