Bachelor Extravaganza Day 1 – Ali Parker

Bachelor Extravaganza Day 1

Hello friends!  Happy Saturday! 

We are doing something really cool for the next few days leading up to our final book in The Casanova Club series, The Wedding!  Each day we will be re-introducing each of the bachelors to you!  If you haven't read the Casanova Club series, you are 100% missing out!  This series has been a HUGE hit!  You do NOT want to miss out!  

For our day 1 of our Bachelor Extravaganza, we have Joshua, a hot artist from Canada.  Who doesn't love a creative man, am I right?  If you have already read book 2, what did you think of Joshua?  Do you think he will get the girl?  

  • ruby wrathell says:

    Even though I’m Canadian…LOL.. Joshua is not the man of Piper’s dreams.

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