Axel Lost Breed MC Series! Coming Soon! – Ali Parker

Axel Lost Breed MC Series! Coming Soon!

Release Day March 6th


The Black Hearts have a new leader. Watson Young, a ruthless thug, makes it clear that he has his sights set on Axel and his MC when he burns down their mechanic shop. Axel isn’t one to shy away from confrontation, and he takes matters into his own hands, striking a Black Hearts clubhouse and leaving some of their boys beaten and bloodied. Little does he know, he’s just invited Hell to his doorstep.

Things are even more complicated because of Ellie Kinkade, the girl Axel fell for years ago, a beautiful mechanic at his shop with a mind like a whip and a mouth like a sailor.

​When Ellie reappears with a green-eyed child, Axel is forced to play his hand. It’s about to get messy, and Axel knows that if he doesn’t come out on top, the people he loves the most will have to pay the consequences.

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