Ava is live! – Ali Parker

Ava is live!

Woohoo! Ava is live!

I just love that so many of you have been taking this Casanova journey with me. Makes my life better, so thank you for that. 

Check out some of the early reviews that have come in...

"Oh, I loved this book! I always wondered how Levi was coping with Piper not picking him. I felt like it hit him the hardest. Levi was in a very bad place. Ava was the light he needed to find his way out of the dark! The strength that he had in the end was amazing. I really loved this book!"

"This book is very emotional and moving. Ava is full of compassion and helps bring him back to the old Levi. Their love story is a great one and Ali Parker never ceases to amaze me with her talent as an author. You will find the book very well written and a great read. Be warned that once you start reading you'll find it hard to put down."

"This is an interesting and entertaining love story with strong characters in Levi and Ava. The author deals with some difficult issues and handles them beautifully. She gives them a strong connection and weaves a story filled with compassion and growing love. She paints her scenes perfectly and delivers a wonderful story to the series."