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Why Him? Cover Reveal

A Girl's Bestie is coming back with book 3, Why Him? It's coming soon!BLURB REVEAL:Me and love go together like oil & water.Hence why I’ve never been with a man. What’s the big deal anyway?The


It Had to Be You Chapter One

GRAB YOUR COPY FREE IN AMAZON KINDLE UNLIMITED CHAPTER ONELOGANOne of the things I had been looking forward to most about being Jude’s best man was the bridesmaids. Seriously, as happy as I was about


It Had to Be You Cover Reveal

Not You Again continues with It Had to Be You. Coming soon!BLURB REVEAL:I would break the curse. I’d have my fun wedding hookup and I would not be marrying her after.If I had it my way,


The Parkers’ Oh So Hot Box Set Chapter One

FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED AND 99¢ FOR A LIMITED TIME! CAPTAIN HOTNESSCHAPTER ONEJEREMY“So tell me about yourself." The busty blonde across the table from me leaned closer and smiled. Her ruby red


The Parkers’ Oh So Hot Box Set Cover Reveal

We have a great box set coming soon! Featuring 3 steamy books from Jacob, Weston and myself. BLURB REVEAL:Captain HotnessI’m a single father. A widower. A firefighter.That means I’m trained to


Surprise Love Affair Chapter One

READ FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED CHAPTER ONEZara Over Twelve Years AgoThe pulsating beats of the music vibrated through my body. Closing my eyes, I invited the energy of the electrifying New York

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