Audio – Hook Me Up – Ali Parker

Hook Me Up

Can’t find love? Good. I’m your guy. 

I mean, not your guy per se, but the guy to find you the love of your life. 

I’m the best damn matchmaker there ever was. 

Except when it comes to my own life. 

Why bother? I’m too busy setting up other couples and enjoying success anyway. 

I’ve been hooking people up since I was a teenager. Great at it then, and getting paid for it now. 

Part of the issue in my own world is, well, me. 

If I’m being honest, there’s no one that fits the bill except my best friend. 

As much as I want her wearing my ring and waking up in my shirts, I’m not interested in ruining the best relationship in my life. 

Until I do. 

One hot night together left us both dazed and confused. 

New York is calling me to come live my dream and make it even bigger than I already have. 

But there’s no way I’m living life without my girl. Little does she know, that one night meant everything to me. 

And I get my way, but she’s carrying a secret. 

One that might leave us both running for the covers.