Audio Crazy Thing Called Love – Ali Parker

Crazy Thing Called Love

Want the most romantic honeymoon experience you can get? I’m your gal.

Unfortunately, it isn’t by experience that I know these things.

Love doesn’t come easily to an overworked type-A planner who manages romance at the most luxurious resort in the Virgin Islands.

I have far too many boxes to check to be checking out anything but forms, schedules, and rose petals.

God, the rose petals in this place.

For the longest time, my career has been my ultimate dream and completely filled me up.

Love was for others who needed a partner in life to get by but not me.

I got this on my own.

Until a class-A hottie shows up and knocks me off my feet—literally.

He’s visiting the island trying to figure out what he’s running from or to. 

Take a ticket, mister. We all are.

As great as he is, I can’t have kids and I’m honestly unsure of how he might feel about that.

First comes love, then marriage, and then babies in the baby carriage.

Perhaps I’ll just stick to what I know best—creating romance for others.

As much as I thought I knew about forevers, I was completely wrong.

This crazy little thing called love has called my bluff.