audio-casanova-iris – Ali Parker


I’m ready to be over this woman. 

Piper. The one I fell for during my time with the Casanova Club. 

It seems that I can’t shake her loose no matter how hard I try. 

My art and my work have been a welcome distraction, but they’re not enough. 

I’m beginning to worry that nothing will ever be enough. 

Until I meet the daughter of one of my old mentors, and everything changes. 

She’s an art student as talented as they come, but her pieces pale in comparison to her beauty. 

I shouldn’t think like that. She’s off limits. And I don’t have anything to give anyway. 

I’ve been hollow for too long. 

But she’s bringing me back to life. The sparks between us turn into red-hot flames. 

Maybe what I felt for Piper wasn’t love at all.

Or maybe this is lust - but either way, I’m diving in deep.