Audio- Casanova: Carlin – Ali Parker


The woman I loved married another man. 

A cowboy. You gotta be kidding me. 

I’m happy for Piper. At least I tell myself I am when I catch myself thinking about her. She’s long gone, but I’m still here, going through the motions of my life in Port Orchard. 

Lucky for me, I have my own troubles keeping me busy. Competition is stiff and we’re facing some threats. 

All of which, I can’t let stand.

But there’s a silver lining. There always is.

In the midst of dealing with all of the drama, I find myself drawn to the new girl at work.

She’s a bright ray of sunshine - but she’s off limits.

She’s my employee, nothing more. I don’t have time for romance, but her very presence draws me away from what’s appropriate and into lust like I’ve never felt before. 

Guess love doesn’t give a rip about the right timing. 

Good thing, ‘cause this woman is mine.

Rules be damned.