Audio All Tied Up – Ali Parker

All Tied Up

I’ve never walked down the aisle, but I get paid to stand beside it. 

Why, I’m a wedding planner is beyond me. 

Oh, yeah. I love the pretty dresses, the food, the glamour, and glitz. 

Getting dressed up and owning the night, though I always go home alone. It’s a weird setup. 

Being in business is all I’ve ever wanted, and yet, the one I chose depresses me beyond belief. Either way, I’m damn good at my job. Nothing comes between me and putting on bridezilla’s day to remember. 

Except, when it doesn’t work out. 

Like it didn’t for my super hunky, wealthy, hot-as-sin, beautiful, sculpted (I’m going overboard, aren’t I?) client. 

And he's a single father to boot. 

And a good one! 

Well, he was engaged to a monster. 

This woman would eat all other bride-beasts for breakfast and still be ready to melt down a city with her “lovely” personality. 

The poor man doesn’t seem to realize what he’s getting himself into. 

And we're falling for each other. So much more than we should. It's all terribly wrong. 

I could lose my business, thanks to the media getting wind of our inappropriate love affair that exists really only in my head. 

Let the thought go and give up on love for good or go after the one man I want in my life, my future, my bed?

Ugh. I’m all tied up either way.