A Reverse Harem Christmas Love Story Coming Soon! – Ali Parker

A Reverse Harem Christmas Love Story Coming Soon!

Release day Nov 22nd


The door hadn’t been closed for more than three seconds, and already, his strong arms were grabbing onto me. He pulled me into him so that I could feel his hard cock through his pants pressed against my leg. He wasn’t reminding me about the size, but he was telling me that he wasn’t just hard for me for the camera. He was hard and ready to have some extracurricular fun.

            I was going to turn around, but instead, he kept me there, holding onto me tightly, pressing me harder into him while he rubbed up and down my body. He was humping me, and I was, in turn, humping him back. I was grinding my ass into his bulge, wondering when he would finally turn me around and completely have his way with me. The anticipation was building quicker than I could have ever imagined.

            He reached his hand down my sexy elf costume and grabbed onto my breasts, squeezing them and massaging them firmly in his eager fingers. He had gotten to grope me on camera, but he was not timid like he was before. He wanted me to feel his force, and he wanted me to know that his assertiveness was not just part of his character, but it also went into his raw sexuality.

            I wanted him so badly.

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