A little tease from Breaking the Rules – Ali Parker

A little tease from Breaking the Rules


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Breaking the Rules Excerpt:


“Come on. It’s just a party. You won’t even get to talk to him. Just get out of the car and tell him about Dr. Lewis and his invitation and then mingle with everyone else. You’re there to chaperon, not be his date.” I let out a quick puff of air and opened the door, closing it and walking quickly to the rec center before I changed my mind. It was dark outside, but the bright orange lights wrapped around the windows of the gym made it more than obvious that something fun was going on inside.

“Welcome. We have punch by the basketball goals and the music will start shortly.” Kendal was at the door, holding it open and welcoming everyone that walked in.

I paused as a large group of girls moved in front of me. Each one of them took their turn flirting with the handsome accounting professor who’d stolen my heart. My insides ached as I walked up the stairs and met his eyes.

Was I pretty enough?

Did he think about me?

“Dana.” His voice was nothing more than a whisper. His dark green eyes widened a little as a smile lifted his perfect lips.

“Think I was going to stand you up?” I smiled and moved to stand in front of him. I reached up and fixed his tie before running my hand over it to smooth it down. Might as well go with bold, though I didn’t feel it at all.

He clamped his hand over mine as his voice dropped a little. “Be careful. It’s not going to take much from you, and I’ll turn into someone who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

I swallowed hard and glanced down as another group approached. “I shouldn’t be here.”

“There’s punch inside and a name tag for you near the back. Go check in with Bethany and stop thinking so much. It’s a party, and I needed your help. Go get started, and I’ll find you later.” His eyes moved across my face and a million words passed between us.

I needed him so bad it felt like I might explode. “Okay.”

“Good girl.” He leaned down and brushed his nose by mine.

“Hurry before I get us both in trouble. You dressing like a naughty nurse.”

“What?” His humor pulled me from the moment. “These are my scrubs I wear every day.”

“I know. I love how they look on you.” He pointed toward the door. “Inside. Now.”

I walked in and glanced back to find him watching me closely. He was going to win me over and force me to retire any thoughts I had about not being good enough. The desire and demanding need written all over his face had my panties wet, my nipples budded. The pressure of my pulse beat against the side of my throat and the room spun for a moment.

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