Hot Stuff is LIVE! – Ali Parker

Hot Stuff is LIVE!

I’ve never had a problem with getting my hands dirty. I prefer it. 

Hard work. Long days. Watching my crew create something beautiful from nothing – that’s what I was all about.

A blue-collar construction worker who happens to own the business too.

And things were going great. Life was about my little girl and my business. Until my best friend’s father died.

The funeral was a place of reunion, coming home, and warmth through remembrance until she walked in. My Best Friend’s little sister.

Time stood still.

How in the world had Lauren grown into the cold, hard-ass, beautiful woman that stood before me? Where was the small town girl I thought she would turn out to be?

I’d convinced myself that all I wanted was to be a good father to my little girl, but something else resurrected inside of me seeing Lauren again.
I wanted to be a good husband too. 

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