2016 in Review… – Ali Parker

2016 in Review…


I’m a sucker for New Years Eve more than any other day of the year. I adore looking back and then assessing what the next year holds. Goal setting is one of my favorite (nerdy) activities. So…. I’d love to share with my friends, family and fantastical readers some of the great things that happened during 2017. Enjoy!!

2016 Year In Review

* I wrote, and we published 40 books
* We moved from Amazon only to Wide in February
* Jacob got to quit his job as a school coach in May and join me
* We had our first author dinner in St. Louis
* We attended 2-3 signings to meet with fans
* We opened 3 new pen names – Jade Lewis, Jessica Mills and Logan Chase (Weston Parker)
* We hired Mary (huge win) and Jamie (another win!), who you’ll get to know soon
* My brother joined us in September to open Logan and join me in a plotting business we run
* I joined 4 masterminds this year (Nutty!)
* Went to 3 Tony Robbins Events (Incredible!)
* Got merchandising reps at Apple, BN, Kobo and Google
* Got listed on Google – uphill battle
* Hit Best Sellers lists on Amazon and Apple
* Opened and closed 3 other businesses as a trial run
* Celebrated our oldest child’s 18th birthday
* Podium Publishing picked up Billionaire Alpha rights to Audio (coming Jan 10th!!)
* Vasko Books picked up the eroticas from my Zoe Reid line (being repubbed now!)
* I laid out the plans for my non-fiction platform, which opens in late spring 2017 (Insane Ingenuity)

It’s been a crazy year… but everything we’ve done has just primed us for next year… well, some of us. Brent (my brother) and Jacob (the hubs) are giving me the look. LOL!!

We’re looking forward to next year… are you?