HOLIDAY- The Parker’s 12 Days of Christmas – Ali Parker

Ali Parker’s 12 Sexy Days of Christmas

One Winter Night

Snow covers the ground and love is in the air in the southern city of Savannah.

I’ve only recently gotten out of the military, but my best friend’s father gave me a good job at his security firm.

The last person I expected to find working there was my best friend’s little sister – all grown up.

She’s beyond beautiful and such a handful – in more ways than one.

I can’t help but think about what we could be if she would stop being so damn difficult, but it’s part of her charm.

She’s in for the adventure of her lifetime with me, and it’s going to start one winter night soon.

Tinsel My Tree

The snow is deep in Wyoming, but so are the feelings buzzing around my frozen heart.

It was a weird time of the year to help out on a ranch, but the rich old man I got a job with needed some extra help.

Little did I know that his well-to-do daughter would be prancing around the house, taking my attention and stealing my breath.

The decorations are up, and the mood is festive, but I’m locked in lust with the bosses little girl, which is the last place in the world I should be.

If Santa had a naughty list, this girl would be on it – namely because I helped her get there.

Merry Christmas to me.

My Sexy Santa

A college graduate and yet taking the job as a department store Santa is all I can find.

Money is money and I have nothing to lose taking the job.

When a beautiful woman that works in the department store loses a bet she is forced to sit on my lap to the delight of her friend.

I knew in that moment that this was not going to be the last time that she was in my lap.

Unwrap My Present

The sounds of the holiday season fill the air in New York City. 

I’ve been stripping for women at holiday parties for a while. To say it’s an interesting profession would be a mild understatement.

I was meant to dance on Broadway, but it didn’t work out like that. No reason to waste good talent.

Party after party, I shake my ass and make the girls giggle as the chilly month of December pays my bills for the upcoming year.

All was well and good until I met her. The pretty ballerina princess that made time stop.

She’s a dancer in the Nutcracker this year, and I’m going to be watching her front and center. I can’t help myself. She’s unwound me, unwrapped me, fucked me up for good.

Time to take what’s mine.

Under The Mistletoe

The temperature drops in the Long Star State only to rise again.

I’ve never gone for the smart ones. It’s always the pretty, easy girls who made the job of getting laid less than a challenge.

But there’s something about the cute thing in my accounting class that leaves me feeling shit I’ve never felt before.

I’m flunking out of college, and my only hope is a tutor. Good thing the cute girl I’ve been eye-balling on campus is up for the challenge.

Wonder if she’ll take kisses as currency. Only one way to find out…

One Hot Winter

Chicago is a tough place to excel your career with all of the competition.

One of which is a woman bent on proving herself in the company.

When we are forced to work together on a project, there are sure to be a clash of ideas.

I have no intentions of letting her take the reigns and I’m not backing down, but the more time we have together is making it hard to focus on work.

I’m going to make this her hottest winter of her life.

Stuff My Stocking

I’ve been on a career path with my twin sister for as long as I can remember.

This was by no means, my dream but I’ve become comfortable.

At least that is what I thought until an unconventional trip has me crossing paths with a woman that is only dreamt about by men.

My comfort is being thrown away when I think about more with this woman.

It is time I found out what it would mean to step outside of my box.

My Secret Santa

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Los Angeles.

I’ve always loved working in an office setting. Women in tight skirts who are strong and in charge of the world.

Classy. Smart. Hot as hell.

It doesn’t get any better than this… or does it?

Christmas has rolled around again, and as usual, the company is sponsoring a “Secret Santa” event, but this year? They’ve got a twist for the single people.

The gifts don’t have to just be cute. They can be inventive, suggestive, fun.

Seems like being single might just be the best place for me to be this Christmas…

Milk & Cookies

The girls that I meet are just that, girls.

Boring, bland and worst of all have no intelligence to hold a conversation.

When my friend asks me to join him for the holidays, I couldn’t have said yes fast enough.

I was surprised to find out that his step mother, who had lost her husband, was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen.

I will have to be careful, but I’m not letting her slip away.

I can play Santa and she will be my milk and cookies.

A Wild  Wonderland

Running a fraternity is easy and the women that follow us are even easier.

When our fraternity has a slip up, our dean forced us into community service, but it could have been much worse.

At least this shit made me look like one of the good guys.

A woman unlike any I have met is taking the power position.

My eyes have been set on one thing and I will show her that the kids aren’t the only ones getting a wish this Christmas.

Stoke My Fire

Chicago is known for being the windy city, but nothing is colder than the stares of going to the company Christmas party alone.

I can fix this with one call to the escort service.

The escort sets a fire in everyone’s eyes, even mine.

Keeping her in line is going to be nothing short of a miracle, but the holidays has a way of bringing out miracles.

My Christmas Wish

The cool weather is finally blowing in San Diego and the Christmas season is everywhere.

Four years with the one woman that not only knows my every flaw but loves me for all of them.

Even though we have had our ups and downs, I couldn’t imagine a life without her.

It’s time that Charlotte has what she deserves.

I can hear the wedding bells already.