Ali Parker – USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Author

The Parkers' Handsome Holiday




Christmas is the season of second chances.

I’m not the same guy I was growing up, but I have some apologies to make for being him.

My fifteen-year high school reunion reminds me of my biggest regret.

Walking away from the love of my life to chase my career.

By doing so, I fell in love with another woman, had a little boy, and life mended itself.

Until my wife passed away.

Love can suck it. I’m not interested anymore.

And yet the minute I see my childhood sweetheart at our reunion, the ice melts inside my chest.

But she hates my guts for leaving her without a goodbye when we were kids, and I can’t blame her.

Or maybe she’ll recognize the truth.

I haven’t changed at all.


Age is Just a Number… Rebecca and Jason are back for a Christmas Novella story.


Not all guys are jerks.

But the guy that messed up Tiffany’s self-image sure as heck was.

This beautiful, curvy woman has held my imagination captive since the day she started working with me.

I haven’t been with a woman since losing my wife around the holidays, but it’s time to give love a second chance. My son and I are ready to have a family again.

Now I just need to convince her to take a chance on me. It’ll be the best decision of her life.

I’ll make sure of it.


Snow covers the ground and love is in the air in the southern city of Savannah.

I’ve only recently gotten out of the military, but my best friend’s father gave me a good job at his security firm.

The last person I expected to find working there was my best friend’s little sister – all grown up.

She’s beyond beautiful and such a handful – in more ways than one.

I can’t help but think about what we could be if she would stop being so damn difficult, but it’s part of her charm.

She’s in for the adventure of her lifetime with me, and it’s going to start one winter night soon


Falling for your new boss is the best way to mess with your sanity.

Especially if she has an overprotective brother that happens to be one of my childhood friends.

I should steer clear and just focus on my little boy, but something inside of me is waking up again.

This might be my one shot at love again.

I hope like hell I’m ready for it.


Love is a lie… Kari and Jake are back for a Christmas Novella story.


They want me to pose as Santa this year.

And the media turns it quickly to "Naughty Santa."

Say what? You cannot be serious.

New York’s hottest bachelor is on the hunt, dressed up as Mr. Claus and he’s looking for an elf that’ll hop off the shelf and entertain him.

Just my luck that she’s cute, spicy, and doesn’t put up with me.

The world thinks I’m calling the shots, but they have no idea my little elf has me wrapped around her pointed little finger.

Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving

There’s only one thing I want spread out on my Thanksgiving table this year, and it’s not a turkey. It’s my new hire.

My assistants keep quitting, and apparently I’m the problem. Surely not.

I just haven’t found the right one. Until her.

And of all places to find her—a pumpkin farm.

There’s no way she’s cut out to work in my world, but I find myself offering her the job anyway.

Maybe it’s because she’s desperate to save her family farm.

No, it’s because I want her in my bed.

Mixing business and pleasure is a terrible idea, but this woman seems to be worth my downfall.

She’s ballsy, beautiful, and gets sh*t done.

Unfortunately for me, she’s also great at resisting what I know we both want.

It’s all business with her until I can’t think straight.

There’s only one thing on my mind, and it isn’t the holidays.

This woman is putting the bad in my big bad Thanksgiving Day parade.

She just doesn’t know how good it’s about to get.