Ali Parker – USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance Author

Surprise Love Affair

I usually follow the rules, but with this girl in the office, it’s too easy to slip.

The first time I see her, all I notice is perfection.

Curves poured into a silhouette that threatens to choke me.

A smile that could melt my cold heart.

I hire her on the spot.

After that, I call the shots in the office—and the bedroom.

And all this time?

I thought we were on the same page.

Turns out she had ulterior motives.

My past has caught up to me in the worst way.

You see, my girl has been keeping a very big secret from me.

He has my eyes and my attitude, and I never knew he existed.

Now that I do, I must decide who I’m going to be—a man who steps up or turns his back.

This love affair is full of surprises.

I never saw the two loves of my life coming.

My girl, and my son.

This is a stand-alone, ending with a HEA.

Rulebreaker Boss

Last I checked, love wasn’t on the menu.

Who needs it.

Expectations with a side of white picket fence?


My wife is my career.

I treat her well and reap the rewards.

You don’t get to be a hotshot lawyer with my reputation with a ball and chain.

It’s simple math.

So is lending a hand to someone who needs it.

Like my friend’s sister, who’s down on her luck and in need of a second chance.

Lucky for her, I’m in a position to give it.

And I’m down for other positions too… if she’s willing to try them.

She’s temptation and I’m the sucker.

There’s so much more to her than meets the eye.

Best paralegal I’ve ever had?

Hands down.

Best lay?

I don’t kiss and tell.

But she has trouble in her past, and it’s come looking for her.

I might be the only thing that stands between her and her young son and danger.

I fight for the innocent for a living.

This time?

I’m fighting for love.

And I never give up.